"In Hong Kong in the ’60s, going to cinema was a big thing. We have cinemas for Hollywood films, local productions, European cinema, but there was no [label of] art film at that time. Even Fellini was treated as a commercial film. So as a kid, I spent a lot of time with my mother in the cinemas. And we didn’t know which is an art film, which is a commercial film; we just liked to watch the cinema. […] I’m not coming from film school, I learned cinema in the cinema watching films, so you always have a curiosity. I say, well, what if I make a film in this genre? What if I make this film like this? It’s always like curiosities and drive, like, let’s try to do this one this time." — Wong Kar-wai

The Films of Wong Kar-wai

As Tears Go By | Days of Being Wild | Chungking Express | Ashes of Time | Fallen Angels | Happy Together | In the Mood for Love | 2046 | My Blueberry Nights | The Grandmasters